Management essential for driving strong asset performance

August 14, 2017 8:41 pm

Management of any business has a huge bearing on the returns and overall success of the operation and associated assets. Farming businesses are no different. Although it could be argued that due to the many variables both internal and external to the business that management can have a major impact on the volatility of performance.

Property management is not only impacting financial performance, we need our livestock, environment and people to be performing in sync to enable true success. As with any organisation, we need clear vision and purpose in order to build true alignment with a robust culture to ensure our farming assets have every opportunity to perform at their best.

Key area’s that drive strong performance include:

  • Clear vision, goals and alignment
  • Frequent reporting and ongoing financial management
  • Understanding the business profit drivers
  • Strong operational management and performance
  • Ongoing analysis and benchmarking
  • Market and climate awareness
  • Risk management (WHS, HR and animal welfare)
  • Data capture and utilisation
  • Sound processes for measuring controls

There is a lot to think about to ensure your investment delivers. Whether your investing for the first time in agriculture or have an existing asset, Impact Ag can assist in supporting these key areas and manage your investment, to ensure overall strong performances for your investment.  Find out how here.


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