Impact Ag Partners is a specialist agricultural asset management firm that identifies investment opportunities and raise capital, conduct due diligence, negotiate acquisition and then operate the assets as part of a complete asset management offering. In executing investment strategies, we are accountable for reporting all financial, statutory and compliance requirements; as well as business administrative functions.

  1. Manage the investment and operation
    • Customise a business strategy
    • Create business and operational plans
    •  Provide budgeting, forecasting and bookkeeping services
    • Benchmark key productive and financial performance
    • Deploy regenerative agricultural practices
    • Leverage years of effective management practices
  2. Deliver investment results
    • Undertake routine management and reporting activities
    •  Leverage technology and foresee variable events
    • Communicate routinely with the investor and on-farm management
  3. Provide strategic advice
    • Industry research and development
    • Undertake feasibility studies
    • Deploy quality assurance programs for desired accreditations including animal welfare and sustainability
    • Adopt effective ag tech resources
    • Manage carbon reduction and sequestration programs
    •  Leverage grant opportunities, manage application and execution

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