Reflecting on Agricultural Investment in 2023

December 21, 2023 10:31 am

As we bid farewell to 2023, a year of unprecedented growth and innovation in agricultural investment, Impact Ag Partners takes a reflective moment to acknowledge the significant strides made in agricultural investment. Here are some noteworthy accomplishments across the broader landscape of agricultural investment and Impact Ag Partners in 2023.

Investment in Agriculture

  • Sustained interest: Continued robust interest in investing in real assets. Stable long-term returns and the ability to meet environmental and social goals align with the growing trend of investors seeking not only financial gains but also positive impact through their investment choices.
  • Advancement in Natural Capital Markets: Noteworthy developments in Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) companies and their technologies.  These advancements underscore a growing emphasis on leveraging technology for environmental and profitable agricultural practices.
  • Legislated Nature Repair Market: In Australia, legislative strides were made with the establishment of the Nature Repair Bill. This ground-breaking initiative not only fosters biodiversity protection but also offers financial incentives to landholders committed to preserving the natural environment.
  • Increased Environmental Investments: Notably, there was a surge in investment dedicated to environmental and carbon projects.  These endeavours not only contribute to the environment but also increase agricultural returns.
  • Progress on the Farm Bill: In the US, positive advancements were observed in the Farm Bill.  The bill’s support for farmers and ranchers enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program underscores a commitment to conservation and the environment.
  • Record-High US Beef Prices: The agricultural landscape saw an unprecedented rise in US beef prices, reaching record highs.  This development not only signals market dynamics but also impacts various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

Impact Ag Partners

  • Joint venture with SLM Partners launching an Australian Fund through new company Agri Carbon Investments to raise AU$250m
  • Joint venture in the US with Riverstone Holdings launching Agriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corp (ANSCU)
  • Addition of 137,000 acres under management
  • $87M in new land acquisitions
  • 900,000 acres of land in soil carbon projects
  • 8,000 acres eligible for the biodiversity offset scheme

Impact Ag Partners will embark on 2024 with many opportunities and an enthusiastic commitment to further innovation, collaboration, and positive impact.  Together with our partners and stakeholders, we eagerly anticipate cultivating a legacy that extends far beyond our immediate horizons. Here’s to the lessons learned, the growth experienced, and the promising path ahead of us.

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