Profitable resilient business’s delivering cash returns whilst growing long term asset value.
Enterprise diversity located in capital appreciating regions with lower climate risk.
Generating soil carbon and improving biodiversity to build resilience. Using technology to measure ecosystem services whilst partnering to monetise natural capital to reward our investors.
Ensuring investor-manager-farmer objectives are aligned and fulfilled while actively participating in our local communities and industry organisations.
  • What we believe

  • What we do

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We believe that building natural capital for future generations can be done profitably.

There is an urgent need to address climate change, both in building resilience towards it’s impacts and being part of the solution.

Agriculture needs to be part of the solution towards addressing climate
change and decarbonising our economy.

We deploy capital. Formulate investment strategy, develop criteria, identify assets, conduct due diligence, and negotiate the acquisition.

We manage farms. Develop business strategies, execute leading regenerative practices, manage risk, nurture resources.

We monetise natural capital. Identify and develop pathways to increase returns – carbon markets, biodiversity offsets, green finance.

Impact Ag Partners focuses on a strategy to deliver strong economic returns whilst regenerating environmental assets and contributing to the social wealth of the community.




“Bert Glover helped to rescue Cavan Station, our family property, from the results of the worst drought in living memory. From this experience in 2005/06, Bert has gone on to build Impact Ag Partners into a thoroughly professional asset management business with a wide variety of expertise. I would recommend the services of Bert and Impact Ag Partners to any prospective Investor who is looking for dynamic and innovative solutions in agricultural management”

Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman, NewsCorp & Owner, Cavan Station



Read the Cavan Station case study here

Investment Opportunites

Central West Region, NSW 4180ha

Improved pastures have been sown with current mixed cattle and sheep operations along with cropping, while the properties also suit continual cropping enterprises. Excellent infrastructure and well-appointed comfortable homestead.

Central Highlands, Qld 12200ha

Large scale cropping opportunity, prime farmland that exhibits consistent excellent soil types. Cropping has been essentially a·wheat, barley and lupin rotation with pasture.
The grazing has been by way of a 2,500 Dorper ewe flock which the operators have been lambing on a twice yearly basis with outstanding results.

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