Our unique approach makes Impact Ag well placed to pursue strategies and capture opportunities that create value within the agricultural industry.

  1. How is Impact Ag different?

    We focus on value creation and maximum return for investors. We will present you with outstanding agricultural opportunities and create value in the following ways:

    • Improve the profitability by optimised utilisation of assets and operating a low-cost model
    • Increase the productivity of the land by enhancing its natural resources
    • Implement strategies and practices around the sequestration of soil carbon, reducing on-farm emissions
    • We source longer-term market trends and take a position within the value chain
    • We invest in our people and the community
  2. Land Stewardship

    By meeting future global needs we take a long-term sustainable approach to agriculture through regenerative practices. Our experience has demonstrated the relationships between soil, plant, animal and human health. This will protect and enhance these assets, allowing future generations to appreciate its biodiversity and natural heritage. We will ensure our client’s assets are economically sustainable allowing the operations to reinvest in our ecosystems, as it’s our belief we are only custodians of the land we manage and should leave our natural resources in better health for future generations.

  3. Measuring and monetising Natural Capital

    We endeavour to generate, measure and monetise Natural Capital via several pathways, including:

    • Carbon Markets – through the Australian Climate Solutions Fund or voluntary markets for activities that avoid emissions or sequester carbon.
    • Biodiversity Offsets – protect vulnerable or endangered species and/or ecological communities.
    • Renewable energy – installation of private or commercial-scale renewable energy developments.
    • Water – improved water cycling, water use efficiency and farm run-off.
  4. Developing Relationships.

    We seek to develop trusted, long-term management relationships with its clients that allow the development and achievement of longstanding production and sustainability goals. We consult closely with clients and welcome direct input into the formulation of the strategic objectives of their business. Economic, social and environmental sustainability form the basis of our core values in the role of providing long-term land stewardship of agricultural land assets on behalf of our clients. Communicating then delivering these core values is achieved through collection and dissemination of detailed data collection.

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