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Australian Agriculture is a dynamic and exciting industry. Our people are passionate about helping our partners achieve their goals.

Impact Ag Partners has over $200 AUM across Australia, 100,000 acres of farmland across three states with annual and permanent crops and integrated grazing livestock. Among productivity and financial achievements, increases in soil carbon sequestration have led to the monetisation of $1 million AUD in eco-system services. This approach creates value through practising regenerative agriculture as a nature-based solution.

As a specialist agricultural asset management firm, we identify investment opportunities and raise capital, conduct due diligence, negotiate acquisition, and then operate the assets as part of a complete asset management offering. In executing investment strategies, we are accountable for reporting all financial, statutory and compliance requirements, as well as business administrative functions.

You will have the opportunity to become a part of a company, with a healthy and positive workplace culture, where all staff are encouraged to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Southern Operations Manager
Large mixed farming operation
Yass, New South Wales

An accomplished grazing property manager with extensive experience in sheep and cattle production and husbandry techniques.

On behalf of our partners, this position is for someone who has a passion for breeding quality livestock and modern grazing management practices that promote financial and ecological sustainability. This position has the responsibility for the day-to-day management of five company properties totalling 6,400ha running up to 40,000dse. Leading a team of three staff, specific tasks will include developing planned grazing management systems, ecological and landscape improvement projects, and delivery of infrastructure upgrades and developments. 

Experience with the business and economics of running a farm is essential as financial budgeting and reporting will be crucial to this role, someone who is comfortable with technology and the use of data to validate and justify decisions. 

If you enjoy being part of a team, leading, supporting and educating your team members to achieve positive outcomes and have built a solid reputation for reliability, honesty, and commitment in your previous roles we would encourage you to apply. 

For more information and how to apply download the Position Description – Southern Operations Manager

Broadacre Regenerative Agriculture
North-Eastern Wheatbelt, WA

Our partners are looking for a Manager with the right aptitude to join their team as they expand their methods of regenerative agriculture across a diversifying property portfolio. Candidates with broadacre farming experience are highly favoured.  Roles include operating seeding, spraying and harvest equipment, as well as undertaking livestock husbandry requirements and general farm maintenance.

In addition to farming operations, the candidate will report directly to the Advisory Board on planning and operational administration which includes data management of the cropping program (Agworld), production inputs, livestock, human resources (including WH&S), and all measures relating to soil, plants and climate. Measured improvements in biodiversity will be supported with a certified natural capital accounting framework. The ability to effectively use data management systems will be essential to assist with documenting the operations performance and reporting periodically.

This opportunity allows individuals, couples, or families to be located in the north-eastern wheatbelt and learn from world renowned innovators in regenerative agriculture while assisting with the ongoing development of new and existing team roles within the farming operations. We aim to provide an inspiring example for restoring and enhancing areas of the wheatbelt by enabling a multi-skilled team of passionate people with a shared vision.

For more information and how to apply download more information here

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