Generating, measuring and monetising natural capital for our clients

What is Natural Capital?

Natural capital comprises Earth’s natural assets (soil, air, water, flora and fauna) and the ecosystem services resulting from them, which make human life possible.

Why is Natural Capital important?

Building and preserving natural capital can improve landscape resilience and reduce the impacts of climate change through the storing of carbon from the atmosphere.


Building and preserving natural capital through regenerative agriculture

Impact Ag Partners work together with partners and clients to preserve and enhance natural capital in the Australian landscape and create long-term investment value.

Regenerative agriculture that builds and preserves natural capital can deliver stable investment returns while improving climate resilience and storing carbon in the landscape.

How we montetise Natural Capital

Through the use of innovative strategies, market maturity and the utilisation of new technologies, natural capital is improving agricultural returns and driving sectoral change.

Measuring and reporting on outcomes such as biodiversity and habitat restoration unlocks revenue streams from funds to build natural capital.

Building carbon on farms

Monetisation Opportunities

Carbon credits

Emissions avoidance, reductions or sequestration via vegetation, soil or herd management to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)

Biodiversity credits

Biodiversity and ecosystem health measured independently with tools and methods of assessment.

Water credits

Improved water quality and water use efficiency.

Green finance

Investment in the agricultural sector that delivers positive climate outcomes, namely resilience and emissions reduction.


Investment in on-farm wind and solar energy infrastructure.

Product premiums

Receiving better prices for agricultural products such as organic food and grass-fed beef.


“Building resilience in our agricultural assets and diversifying on-farm revenues are key to our mission.
The team at Impact Ag Partners has helped us to develop strategies to measure and monetise natural capital and is currently engaged in the execution of an Emissions Reduction Fund soil carbon project – the first for an aggregation of properties in the New England.”

Eric Lawrence, Head of Family Office, Macdoch Australia

How can we help you?

If you’d like to better understand what natural capital returns may be accessible in the broader sector or from a specific parcel of land, please get in touch

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