Agriculture and Natural Capital Post COP26 – What’s Next?

We brought together leaders in the fields of agriculture investment and natural capital to discuss the outcomes of COP26 and the questions that still remain. View this session on-demand to learn about the risks and opportunities for addressing climate change and participating in associated carbon and natural capital markets. WATCH IT HERE

How Productive Farming Landscapes are part of Australia’s Climate Solution

Farming for the Future at Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) at COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference  WATCH IT HERE

Soil Solution – Storing Carbon in Soil – ABC LANDLINE
Storing carbon in the soil is a key part of Australia’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050. WATCH IT HERE

CarbonPlus Credit: Methodology, Monitoring and Blockchain – REGEN NETWORK

An innovative ecosystem service credit with co-benefits including carbon sequestration, animal welfare, soil health and grasslands health. In this webinar, we’ll review the current state of carbon credit markets as well as the methodologies and technology supporting the CarbonPlus Credit. Panelists include Toby Grogan from ImpactAg. WATCH IT HERE

Path to Profitability – MAIAGRAZING

Moderated by Impact Ag’s Sara Schmude, this panel discussion focuses on balancing ecological gains with finding a path to profitability. WATCH IT HERE

How RegenAg Enriches the Food Lifecycle – MAIAGRAZING

Hosted by Impact Ag’s Toby Grogan, this panel discussion focuses on how regenerative agriculture is influencing the way they design their interactions with the world. WATCH IT HERE

Regenerative Agriculture. Good business or Greenwashing? SPROUTX

This discussion will centre on regenerative agriculture- the term, the practices, the hype, and the science. WATCH IT HERE

Climate Positive Beef Enterprise – WILMOT CATTLE CO

Our client, Wilmot Cattle Co comprises 3 properties based in the New England and North West regions of NSW and is a climate-positive beef enterprise.  WATCH THEIR STORY HERE



Nature-based Solutions Investment Landscape: Diverse Perspectives from Asset & Investment Managers 

Wahid A. Kamalian from Amaly Legacy hosts this panel on the Nature-based Solutions landscape. It covers the challenges in deal-making in the NbS sector, how inflation is impacting investment activity in the space, and the outlook and emerging investment strategies for the NbS market. LISTEN HERE

Investing over $600M into regenerative farms in the US and Australia – INVESTING IN REGENERATIVE AG & FOOD

Koen van Seijen talks with Impact Ag’s Bert Glover on investing over $600M into regenerative farms in the US and Australia and selling soil carbon credits to Microsoft. LISTEN HERE

ReGen Brands – Hosted by Kyle Crull & Anthony Corsaro

Join Kyle and AC as they talk all about regenerative agriculture, why you should care about it, and all the positive benefits it can bring to the world. You’ll learn each of their stories and how health issues fueled a passion for better food production practices that influences the work they do every day. LISTEN HERE

The Regenerative Journey – Charlie Arnott podcast with Bert Glover

Through family challenges and plenty of on-farm experience, Bert Glover has created a business that allows farmers to leverage the Natural Capital off their farms, and attract capital investment into the regenerative farming space. Charlie caught up with Bert at the Maia Grazing field day for this insightful interview. LISTEN HERE

Eco Services Market Consortium

Each podcast in the series of six details specific aspects of ESMC’s innovative market program and delves into the role of agriculture in reducing greenhouse gases and improving water quality.

The Future of Carbon Trading

Toby Grogan sits down with Kerry Lonergan of The Weekly Grill podcast series, and turns up the heat on carbon. Carbon credits and carbon trading are arguably some of the most complicated and misunderstood topics in the beef industry today. What are they? How do they work? What’s in it for producers? The pair explore issues such as what the carbon trading rules say around a property selling credits and then seeking to claim carbon abatement as part of beef brand claims.

Soil Carbon Credits in Australia

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food always has diverse and interesting interviewees where they share their journey in the regenerative food and agriculture space. A great episode on regen ag in bread fruit in Hawaii and Impact Ag’s soil carbon credit deal with Microsoft. LISTEN HERE

The Regenerative Journey – Charlie Arnott podcast with Sara Schmude

Sara’s 15 year relationship with the Landcare movement has played a pivital role in inspiring her interest in regenerative farming & the educating of children and adults alike. She launched the ‘Regenerative Agriculture Group’ facebook page in late 2018 and now boasts a global membership. Sara talks natural capital, and the definition of regenerative agriculture before delving deeper into the catalysts and kick starts that made up her regenerative journey.

Investing in agtech to build soil at scale – INVESTING IN REGENERATIVE AG & FOOD

Koen van Seijen talks with Impact Ag’s Bert Glover on technology and the role it plays in regenerative ag and food. LISTEN HERE

Koen has a great podcast on Spotify FOLLOW KOEN HERE



Natural Capital – the developing markets and opportunities around it

Sarah Day Levesque recently interviewed Bert Glover for the upcoming Regenerative Food Systems Investment forum Australia. Find out what sparked Bert’s interest in the Agriculture investment space, how Impact Ag works with investors to help them increase the value of their investments, and where to for nature-based solutions in the investment space. CLICK HERE TO READ

Beef Week 2021 -Ag carbon credits in demand as market develops (Beef Central Article 24/5/21)

Toby Grogan took part in the panel discussion at Beef Week in Rockhampton – ‘Mythbuster 6: Pay dirt for the 21st century?’ Read a wrap up of the discussion from Beef Central. CLICK HERE TO READ

Monetising on-farm natural capital through regulated and private markets – IMPACT AG PARTNERS

At Impact Ag Partners, we believe in investment that builds the on-farm natural capital assets and drives the means to effectively create pathways for addressing current global challenges. DOWNLOAD HOW WE DID IT HERE

Rebuilding a profitable resilient business – CAVAN STATION


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