CarbonPlus Credit: Methodology, Monitoring and Blockchain – REGEN NETWORK

An innovative ecosystem service credit with co-benefits including carbon sequestration, animal welfare, soil health and grasslands health. In this webinar, we’ll review the current state of carbon credit markets as well as the methodologies and technology supporting the CarbonPlus Credit. Panelists include Toby Grogan from ImpactAg. WATCH IT HERE

Path to Profitability – MAIAGRAZING

Moderated by Impact Ag’s Sara Schmude, this panel discussion focuses on balancing ecological gains with finding a path to profitability. WATCH IT HERE

How RegenAg Enriches the Food Lifecycle – MAIAGRAZING

Hosted by Impact Ag’s Toby Grogan, this panel discussion focuses on how regenerative agriculture is influencing the way they design their interactions with the world. WATCH IT HERE

Regenerative Agriculture. Good business or Greenwashing? SPROUTX

This discussion will centre on regenerative agriculture- the term, the practices, the hype, and the science. WATCH IT HERE

Climate Positive Beef Enterprise – WILMOT CATTLE CO

Our client, Wilmot Cattle Co comprises of 3 properties based in the New England and North West regions of NSW and is a climate positive beef enterprise.  WATCH THEIR STORY HERE



Investing in agtech to build soil at scale – INVESTING IN REGENERATIVE AG & FOOD

Koen van Seijen talks with Impact Ag’s Bert Glover on technology and the role it plays in regenerative ag and food. LISTEN HERE

Koen has a great podcast on Spotify FOLLOW KOEN HERE



Monetising on-farm natural capital through regulated and private markets – IMPACT AG PARTNERS

At Impact Ag Partners, we believe in investment that builds the on-farm natural capital assets and drives the means to effectively create pathways for addressing current global challenges. DOWNLOAD HOW WE DID IT HERE

Rebuilding a profitable resilient business – CAVAN STATION


Books we recommend

Our top 10 (ok maybe 11) regenerative ag books.  DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE

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Soils for Life


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