SLM Partners and Impact Ag Partners Unite for Groundbreaking Regenerative Australian Agri Carbon Fund

September 29, 2023 11:12 am

In a ground-breaking move for regenerative agriculture, SLM Partners and Impact Ag Partners have come together to introduce the SLM Agri Carbon Fund. This joint venture brings together two of the most experienced real asset managers in the field of regenerative agriculture, promising a significant impact on Australia’s farming landscape.

With over a decade of experience, SLM Partners and Impact Ag Partners bring unparalleled expertise to this endeavour. SLM Partners, founded in 2009, boasts an impressive portfolio of over US$550 million in assets under management, including a substantial presence in Australia. Over the last decade, SLM has acquired more than 1 million acres of grazing land and generated and sold 1.7 million tons of CO2e credits. Co-founder and Managing Partner of SLM Partners, Paul McMahon, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the alignment in philosophy and complementary skills.

“Building on all that we have learned in Australia over the last decade, we are excited to launch this new joint venture with Impact Ag.  We are philosophically aligned and bring complementary skills and experience,” said Paul McMahon.

Impact Ag Partners, led by Founder and Managing Director Bert Glover, is a specialist agriculture real asset manager that manages over US$500 million of assets across Australia and North America invested in farm and ranch land. They have a distinguished track record in managing cropland and livestock farms, along with pioneering carbon projects. Their assets have demonstrated a 2% increase in soil carbon sequestration and realized $1 million in soil carbon sales, among other natural capital co-benefits.

The SLM Agri Carbon Fund aims to acquire mixed farms in selected regions of eastern Australia, implementing regenerative practices such as large-scale rotational grazing, reducing tillage, cover cropping, and more. Through these practices, the fund anticipates delivering several positive environmental benefits, including soil regeneration, biodiversity enhancement, and increased carbon storage.

“Australian agricultural real assets continue to be a positive climate and nature-based solution for the future, whilst also producing high-quality food and fibre.”

Bert Glover, Impact Ag Partners

Australia stands out as an ideal location for this venture due to its matured carbon market. The Australian government’s early adoption of regulations and approved methodologies has paved the way for significant growth in the agricultural carbon market. Demand for carbon credits is set to surge as corporations seek offsets to meet emissions reduction targets. Additionally, the supply of nature-based offsets is slowly increasing, creating a favourable market for land-based projects.

Impact Ag’s Bert Glover said “Australian agricultural real assets continue to be a positive climate and nature-based solution for the future, whilst also producing high-quality food and fibre.  Our confidence in the carbon market dynamics in Australia continues to grow as does the number of carbon projects we have registered.”

The collaboration, backed by their extensive expertise, positions the SLM Agri Carbon Fund for unique success. Their shared commitment to regenerative agriculture and carbon storage represents a significant step towards a regenerative and resilient future for Australian farming and further solidifies their dedication to amplifying natural capital returns. This venture is not only a triumph for these two powerhouse managers but also a promising development for the future of regenerative agriculture in Australia.

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