Achieving the Landscape Vision: Matador Ranch & Cattle LLC’s Commitment to Conservation

July 12, 2023 5:17 pm

The Matador Ranch & Cattle LLC has been recognised as the Top Gold Program for 2023 by the Wildlife Habitat Council.  This award acknowledges the exceptional efforts made by the ranch across twelve project areas dedicated to improving and preserving the natural capital and beauty of the ranch.

Working closely with Matador Ranch & Cattle LLC as their asset manager, Impact Ag Partners is fully committed to realising the “landscape vision” for the Montana property.  Their wildlife management plan, together with FWP is committed to going beyond simply sustaining their landscape, natural capital, and wildlife species, they are striving to enhance all the elements through proactive stewardship actions, including:

Emphasis on sage grouse, trumpeter swans, bald and golden eagles, and mountain/western bluebirds

Valuable water resources and improving efficient use while focusing on aquatic species and care of riparian areas

Through continuously improving soil health and demonstrating the benefits of regenerative practices

Pollinators, insects, and soil microbes work behind the scenes to create healthy plant and soil environments;

A healthy balance of wildlife mammals large and small, the ranch is home to deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, fox, wolves, coyotes, black & grizzly bears, and other small mammal species

Partnerships with Government agencies and NGO’s

An overview of projects relating to the Gold Program of the Year award include:

  • In partnership with members of the Mountain Bluebird Trail Organization, the ranch monitors and maintains sixty-five nesting boxes on the property to help preserve the western and mountain bluebird populations in SW Montana.
  • The ranch is home to over ninety documented avian species, including areas identified as breeding and nesting ranges for sage grouse and trumpeter swans.
  • The ranch is home to a dozen large mammal species and a numerous range of other small mammals, reptiles, fish, and insect life.
  • Over 125 plant species have been documented across grasslands, forests, and riparian habitats on the ranch.
  • Working together with state and government agencies, community groups, and NGO’s to continually improve and protect the environment in ways that are both beneficial to the cattle and the wildlife.
  • Looking at ways to improve grazing management and water use to benefit soil health and carbon capture.
  • Working in partnership with the MT Fish, Wildlife, & Parks to protect and restore native fish species like the West Slope Cutthroat Trout and Arctic Grayling in their historic waterways.

Top Gold Program for 2023 by the Wildlife Habitat Council won by Matador Ranch & Cattle

In addition to the Gold Program of the Year award, Matador Ranch & Cattle also received recognition for their “Invasive Species Coordinated Approaches Project”.  This initiative involved the use of bio-control methods to manage knapweed along a riparian area, reducing the need for chemical control near critical waterways.  The successful implementation of this project was made possible by utilising two species of weevils as natural controls.

At Impact Ag Partners, we are dedicated to supporting our partners and clients in achieving success. We provide comprehensive oversight and guidance across all aspects of agricultural operations to ensure regenerative practices and environmental stewardship.

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