Mark Green: An Ambitious Student Making an Impact in the Graduate Program

June 20, 2023 2:22 pm

It is inspiring to come across young individuals who possess a genuine passion for environmental practices and a love of the agricultural industry. Among our recent additions to the team, Mark Green, a driven and enthusiastic university student, is carving his own unique path within the business.

Studying Environmental Science, and majoring in Business, Mark has recently joined Impact Ag Partners as part of our Graduate program. His passion for regenerative agriculture, coupled with on farm experience, and not being afraid of hands-on work during harvest season, make him a valuable addition to the team.

Since joining Impact Ag, Mark has been exposed to a wide range of experiences and responsibilities. His involvement spans various aspects of the business, including industry and asset research, data collection, due diligence, marketing of commodities, budgeting, and forecasting. This multifaceted approach not only provides Mark with invaluable experience but also enables him to contribute to the success of the organisation and assist the operations team with the asset management process.

Mark Green – Graduate, Impact Ag Partners

“I encourage graduates to embrace the numerous opportunities available in the field, emphasising the significance of the agricultural industry and its potential for personal and global growth.”

When asked about his favourite aspects of working with Impact Ag, Mark mentioned several key areas of interest. “I thoroughly enjoy the due diligence process involved in property acquisition, conducting extensive research, and engaging with on-farm managers to assist in budgeting and planning,” said Mark. He also appreciates the asset acquisition processes and the opportunity to maintain a comprehensive property database, which requires effective communication within the team and its investors and also real estate agents.

Mark further reflects, “Working on such a broad array of business activities has provided me with amazing exposure, allowing me to better understand the company’s stance on natural capital, biodiversity, and globalisation.”

Advice for Aspiring Graduates in the Agricultural Industry

When asked what advice he has for other graduates wanting to dive into the agricultural industry, Mark says the agricultural industry may appear vast and daunting to those seeking to enter the field. However, he encourages them to embrace the numerous opportunities available. By taking the initiative and exploring areas of interest or curiosity, aspiring graduates can gain valuable insights and experiences that will help shape their career paths. “I encourage graduates to embrace the numerous opportunities available in the field, emphasising the significance of the agricultural industry and its potential for personal and global growth.” Mark’s own journey serves as a testament to the fact that putting one’s foot in the door and taking chances can lead to rewarding opportunities in the agricultural sector.

The Promise of Agriculture as a Career Choice

Mark recognises the agricultural industry as an excellent career choice with the abundant opportunities for investment and innovation it presents. He also recognises the pivotal role Australia plays in regenerative agricultural practices and their management. By capitalising on this potential, agriculture professionals can influence not only national but global agriculture practices. This potential for widespread impact, coupled with the continuous growth and development of the sector, makes agriculture an enticing and fulfilling career choice.

A Balanced Life Beyond Work and Study

In addition to his dedication to studying and working, Mark leads an active life outside of his professional pursuits. While studying at the University of New England, he resides at St. Albert’s College, where he plays a vital role as part of their leadership team and serves as the captain of the 1st grade rugby side. This involvement highlights Mark’s leadership skills and his ability to excel both on and off the field. Mark’s love of the outdoors is evident in his engagement with various activities such as camping, fishing, diving, and travel.

Mark in action for St. Albert’s College rugby union

As Mark’s journey with Impact Ag Partners unfolds, through his diverse responsibilities and experiences, he will continue to learn and grow, contributing to the organisation’s success. Mark will gain and build valuable insights into the business, and his contributions will undoubtedly help drive and contribute to Impact Ag’s success.


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