You’re interested in investing – what comes next?

April 8, 2018 10:58 am

What to look for in a good Asset Manager.

The right asset manager will help you articulate your vision and objectives. They have strength in negotiations and creative deal structure to maximise your investment opportunity and knowledge of local markets which identifies value.

Find someone who will help you articulate your vision and objectives and who has robust due diligence processes and implementation of business plans.

Ensure their accountability with demonstrated performance and strong management processes.

Your asset manager should have experience in engaging farm management and the right workforce from the start, also ensuring they understand and partake in your vision and objectives.

Proficiency with foreign investment in Australian agriculture is key for the overseas investor. Consideration of the asset type, climate, commodity type and target markets are the keys to managing inherent risks in land ownership and commodity production.

There is a lot to think about to ensure your investment delivers. Whether your investing for the first time in agriculture or have an existing asset, Impact Ag can assist in supporting these key areas and manage your investment, to ensure overall strong performances for your investment.  Find out how here.

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