Impact Ag Partners works with Private Investors or Funds to scope their Investment Criteria and find an asset that best matches at value.

Impact Ag Partners specialises in providing agricultural opportunities for the benefit of institutional and private investors.

Being well connected and experienced in the space, allows Impact Ag Partners to identify the best opportunities and execute a rigorous due diligence process to ensure the asset meets your requirements. We are also able to support interested parties through the process of foreign investment. Once an investment is secured, we are able to either manage a lease or operation based on the needs of the investor.

Our management team has extensive experience in farm management, driving asset values and extracting performance from agricultural assets. From sourcing the land, carrying out due diligence and asset valuations, acquiring, restructuring and managing land portfolios.

We have a global network of farm and land management capability and have established strong relationships with the agricultural industry, farmers, managers, financial institutions and industry leaders.

Our management team combines farming expertise, investment management and market knowledge to form the basis of a leading acquisition and agribusiness advisors. Our assets under management are $150 million in farmland.

Australian agriculture is the most productive in the world, which combined with productivity and attractive capital returns create the potential for excellent investment opportunities. The demand for real assets, such as farmland, is increasing as investors realise the benefit they hold in easing the risk of inflation and diversifying their portfolios.

Increasing populations create a demand for food and therefore farmland. This increases the growing requirement and tight supply of agricultural land giving the investor

Australia is not only one of the most productive and technologically advanced farming countries in the world but has long-term prospects for positive yield and capital growth. An overall strong performance for your investment.

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