Grazing management tool that measures and manages your grass

May 15, 2017 2:59 pm

The next generation in farm management, bringing precision agriculture to grazing was a key feature at the UNE SmartFarm in April.  The forum titled Australian Ag-Tech in 2017, from Precision to Decision for Grazing was attended by over 120 graziers and industry leaders.  One of the key features at the event was MaiaGrazing.  Developed by Maia Technology it is the next generation in farm management, bringing precision agriculture to grazing.

MaiaGrazing is a specialist online grazing management tool that helps farmers maximise their pasture and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough. MaiaGrazing is not just a record keeping programme – it’s a decision support tool that analyses farm data to provide real-time, relevant information where and when it’s needed.

Any early adopter of the MaiaGrazing program and speaker at the event, Stuart Austin say its greatest strength is the fact it ‘measures grass’.

“We measure every aspect of our business – you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, he said.

Maia is valuable to us because we are fundamentally grass farmers and Maia measures it. It allows us to plan, monitor and manage, and see the rest period for every paddock on the property”.

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Speakers at the successful Australian Ag-Tech in 2017 – from Precision to Decision for Grazing forum

MaiaGrazing is unique, by using current and historical data about each and every paddock, mob and rainfall event.  It enables farmers to understand and respond to paddock variability to optimise production and improve land quality. It shows a farm’s true carrying capacity at a glance, in real-time.

MaiaGrazing doesn’t just capture information to report on past pasture performance, it forecasts the future enabling informed decisions that maximise results. Graziers can understand precise grazing yields per paddock through easy-to-use feed budget planning. It’s like a yield map for grazing, with the ability to forecast too.

“The biggest advantage of having all of that information available to us is that it allows us to make strategic decisions about grazing management well in advance of when we need to,” Stuart Austin said.

To find out more about MaiaGrazing and get your free trial of the programme, visit their website


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