Current Opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity for a Property Manager in South East QLD, close to large towns. The property will need to undergo considerable water and fencing development. The result will be 2000-2600LSU operation consisting of a mix of cattle breeding and trading in a rotational grazing system.

The Property Manager will be required to:

  • Create a productive family type culture on the property they manage
  • Create an environment for good communication and respect among staff
  • Display leadership, honesty and integrity at all times


  • Livestock with the highest level of care and stockmanship facilitating increasing productivity
  • Forage or cropping enterprises in line with industry best practise standards encouraging constant improvement in soil quality and crop production
  • The reporting and budgeting requirements related to the property
  • The purchase of products used on the farm
  • The sale of commodities produced on farm (in conjunction with operations manager)
  • OH&S requirements for the property and staff


  • With operations manager and other industry participants allowing an open forum for ideas and practises
  • With staff to ensure a learning environment at all times.
  • With staff so that OH&S is fully understood, implemented and practised
  • With staff to be sure that induction and training is fully explained


  • Be involved in the community and promote the company‚Äôs positive image within the area

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