Impact Ag manages land assets and supply-chain production systems on behalf of international and domestic investors.

Impact Ag identifies investment opportunities, conducts due diligence, implements business planning then monitors investor returns. In executing the business plan, we will be accountable for reporting all financial, statutory and compliance; as well as business administrative functions.

Impact Ag provides the investor with a continuing and complete management solution.


“Over the past 20 years, we have not felt confident we had the right strategy or were maximising the potential for our beef breeding operation west of Armidale NSW. We now have a clear plan and understanding of the property’s potential and, through the work Impact Ag have been doing with us and our on-site management, we are now seeing big improvements in grazing and cattle management outcomes.”

Iain Gray, Director
Sydney Fund Managers



“Bert Glover helped to rescue Cavan Station, our family property, from the results of the worst drought in living memory. From this experience in 2005/06, Bert has gone on to build Impact Ag into a thoroughly professional asset management business with a wide variety of expertise. I would recommend the services of Bert and Impact Ag to any prospective Investor who is looking for dynamic and innovative solutions in agricultural management”

Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman, NewsCorp & Owner, Cavan Station

“Two years ago, I realised my farming business was not meeting my expectations as an investment. Being time poor and out of the agricultural industry for some time I recognised I needed up-to-date industry expertise. Impact Ag implemented a new enterprise strategy and management team over time. We now capture more data and have a reporting system that will enable us to make future investment decisions as we expand, which is comforting for our family.”

Sam Broughman, Owner Crofton Park

Alasdair MacLeod


“Over the last 8 years Impact Ag have become the authority on grass-fed beef production  systems and have demonstrated continuous improvement in our business and asset performance. We have backed Impact Ag in their expansion plans as we feel the industry requires more management expertise such as these and recommend the Impact Ag offering to investors and existing landholders”

Alasdair MacLeod, Wilmot Cattle Company

Investment Acquisition

Impact Ag specialises in providing agricultural opportunities for the benefit of institutional and private investors.

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Asset Management

In line with each client's vision and individual requirements, Impact Ag provides a comprehensive Asset and Operational farm management service.

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How we create value

Impact Ag seeks to develop trusted, long-term management arrangements with its clients that allow the development and achievement of longstanding production and investment goals, and allows clients direct input into the formulation of the strategic objectives of their business.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability form the basis of Impact Ag’s core values in its role of providing long-term land stewardship of agricultural land assets on behalf of its clients.

Principals and management of Impact Ag have direct domestic and international experience in the operation and management of businesses within the Sheep; Cattle and Livestock Feed Sectors and leverages its extended professional networks to ensure clients have access to the most up to date technology and advice available.